Music & Friends | Franco-lebanese singer Eliz Murad of rock band Teleferik in Paris, France

Eliz Murad, lead singer & Bass guitarist, Arnaud Vincendeau, lead guitarist.

Eliz sings in English, French and Arabic. She lives in Paris but she likes to visit her family in Beirut and holiday in Spain.  She likes to sing about the women in general, their status in the Arab world and gender issues.

Update: The band played in Dubai in May 2016 at The Other Side and is currently working on their next album.

INTERVIEW // Eliz Murad, lead singer of TELEFERIK

Let’s start from the very beginning. Where are you from? 

I’m from Epernay, France but I grew up in a Lebanese familly.

Where do you live and what do you like about it?

I have been living in Paris for the past 12 years and I love this city. 365 days per year and not one day is the same. This city is full of surprises and it looks fantastic.

How did you get started as a lead singer and bass player of the band Teleferik?

Before Teleferik I was a videographer and I used to produce music videos for differents bands. Arno Vincendeau who is Teleferik’s guitarist was the editor and special effects specialist on my movies. This is how we met. One day we jammed together and we realised that we wanted to do our own video clips and music.  I got my bass guitar back that I used play in my teens and I started to sing again. It all came back to me naturally.

What do you love about that playing in a band?

Freedom. My job is pure pleasure.

In what countries have you played?

USA, Germany, France, and United Emirates and we have shot a video clip in Beyrouth, Lebanon.

Was it your first time in Dubai and what did you think of this experience?

We were very excited to play in this part of the world. Especially because I am French with Lebanese roots and I sing in Arabic also. I never had the chance to play in Lebanon even if we have tried many times but it never happens. It was a super opportunity for us to play in Dubaï.
The crowd was rich and mixed and very fond of Indie music. We had a fantastic time! And as Star Wars fans we thought Dubaï looks like the film’s landscapes. Crazy!

How often do you go to Lebanon?

My both parents are Lebanese but they have been living in France for the past 40 years. Since their retirement they go back and forth between both countries, I try to join them as often as I can and to greet the family.

How doe your Lebanese roots influence your life? Your music?

Teleferik is a mix of what Arno and I are used to listen and my origins. So it’s an Eastern and Western music blend.
Our music is literally a mix Blues, Rock N Roll, soul and Arabic music.
I believe I am very Lebanese in a way that I like to give to people. We are educated as martyrs. Always giving and thinking about others giving the good and less good, specially the women who are completely devoted to others.
the French in me makes me understand that and it pushes me to think individually and give to others but also to myself. The way I give myself on stage is definitely the Lebanese side of me. Laughter.
While growing my mother used to listen records of Fayruz, Majda El Roumi, Georges Wassouf while cooking at home. A moment of relaxation for her.

What are your other passions and what other occupations have you held?

L’Art de vivre! This is what I’m trying to cultivate every day.

Did you attend any schools?

Yes, l’Ecole Nationale Supérieur d’Arts de Paris-Cergy

How do get inspired? when writing your music?

Oh…Difficult to answer. I don’t know. It comes naturally. I noticed that I am even more inspired when I’m emotionally involved in my life.

How do you relax?

In silent places…With my best people or alone. Reading a book, watching a movie, cooking, eating… It’s pretty simple.

What’s the last art or music event you went to?

It was Oui FM (French National Radio) ceremony in France last April. We were nominated as best Rock band (auto prod). Many famous bands played live that night. It was a great night.

What are you favorite places to travel to and get inspired?

Roma, Barcelona, Sevilla, Nashville, New Orleans, Chicago, San Francisco, Beyrouth, Lyon, Lille, Bordeaux

Besides travel, where do you draw inspiration for your work?

From people

Tell us about what you’re currently working on.

Teleferik’s second album! I cannot wait to record this!

What’s your favorite piece on ?

The bracelet that Audrey (The People Of Sand founder) gave to me. It is by Mono & Me and it is a black cross charm bracelet.


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