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Everyone has heard about home exchanges. But have you heard about creative people swapping their homes?

This is the concept of the Barcelona-based company Behomm (pronounced “be HOME”) that I discovered over 4 years ago through my sister, founder of makersofdesign.com. Her family of 2 kids swaped their apartment in Barcelona for a stunning house in Copenhagen and as as equally beautiful as hers. The homes on Behomm have nothing to do with luxury although some of they are obviously quite upscale. The homes range from small flats to spacious houses in the country. What they have in common is that they are furnished and decorated with taste in a way that only creative people can.

The invitation-only site was launched by graphic designers Agustí Juste and Eva Calduch who decided to create a space “to connect like-minded people with a similar love of tasteful things and interest in a more enriching travel experience.”

These homes are for aesthetics lovers. 

What makes Behomm different is that all its 1,200 members are visual artists, designers or creative professionals. To join they must have a great-looking place.  Around 20% of applications get rejected. 

With Behomm people don't just share a home, they share lives. The difference with Airbnb is that the lack of financial transaction implies a giving attitude. You give me, I give you the same. 

For more information, visit www.behomm.com

Home of Sevilla architects  Photography by Fernando Alda

Home of Sevilla architects Photography by Fernando Alda Source: http://trendland.com/behomm-creatives-share-their-home-worldwide/


A TV executive producer’s house in Sydney, Australia  Put together by Architect, David Boyle

A TV executive producer’s house in Sydney, Australia Put together by Architect, David Boyle http://trendland.com/behomm-creatives-share-their-home-worldwide/


An architect couples home in Berlin, Germany

An architect couples home in Berlin, Germany


A designer’s home in Brooklyn, New York City

Photography by Ksenya Samarkaya


The home of a Barcelona-based interior designer and architect available for swapping on Behomm.

Courtesy of Behomm


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