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Jewelry Size Guide

Not sure about your ring size?
For Android and older IOS users, it's just as easy. Use the app: Ring Size Finder.
Simply place your ring finger on your phone screen, adjust the sizing lines to outline your finger and you'll have your ring size in minutes!
If you don't have a ring, just use a thin stripe of paper and wrap it around your finger right below the knuckle. Mark down the spot where the paper meets. 

The wedding finger is usually a 6 (most common) or a 7. 
For the middle finger, add one size. Example: If your wedding finger is a 6, most probably, your middle finger is a 7. And so on. 
If your size is out of stock, message us. 

Not sure about necklace size?

Like clothes, jewellery must be worn comfortably in order to look stylish and perfect. Choose the right necklace length to suit your style, body shape, and comfort level.

For the average build, here are the most standard lengths.

  • 14” - 35cm  - Choker style. Petite, slim body type.
  • 16” - 40cm - Short or Princess Necklace. Sits right below the collarbone, an everyday short piece. Petite, slim body type.
  • 18” - 45cm - Medium. Sits more around the neck, an everyday piece (popular). Petite, slim body type.
  • 20”- 50cm - Long. Between collarbone and bust, falls a few inches below collarbone. Fuller body type.
  • 22” - 56cm - Medium Long. Between collarbone and bust, falls a few inches below collarbone. Fuller body type. For slim body type, perfect to mix and match with shorter necklaces.
  • 30” - 75cm - Extra Long or Opera necklace. A longer necklace, can slip over your head and wear with different outfits. Best worn by tall willowy women. This necklace can bear a medallion pendant and other statement pieces. Depending on the length and your build you may also be able to wear an opera length like a layered choker and princess chain.

Please note, this is just a guide. If you’re petite or have a larger neck, consider sizing down or up for your perfect length. 

Don't forget to consider that the pendant will make the necklace seem longer when determining your length.