Travels | Eco lodge resort in the desert of Agafay, Morrocco: Terre des étoiles

Only a few minutes away from beautiful and bustling Marrakech stand the arid lands of Agafay desert. From the edge the Wad N'Fiss river to the plains of Haouz, through the foothills of the Atlas towards Amizmiz, this desert unfolds its rocky lunar landscapes over several hundred hectares. This landscape from canyon through plains to stony hillocks offers a rich palette of contrasts.

Inspired by the Berber tent of the Atlas Mountains and the Sahara desert nomads, This eco lodge has imagined and created these lodges, made with basic materials, in order to combine comfort and charm. Between Berber tents and southern Africa lodges.

Terre des Etoiles : Camp Lodge Agafay 

Kms 25, Commune d’Agafay,
Kaida d’Ait Imour
Marrakech, Maroc
Point GPS : N 31° 27″ 50 / W 08° 11″ 65

Tél : + 212 (0) 6 61 59 11 50 
GSM : + 212 (0) 6 61 59 11 50


Crédit photos : Boby et Fafou BRO, SAAD ALAMI, Sophie RAPP

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