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  • VAWAA, Vacation With an Artist

    Rather than simply sun-seeking, go on an artistic, intellectual, and emotional journey when you travel.
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  • Video | The People Of Marrakech

    People of Marrakech from FKY on Vimeo. Follow

    A stroll through the streets of marrakech, I made beautiful meeting.

    Directed / Camera / Editing : FKY /

    A big thank you to Max Greening ( and Grady Coolican ( for their great work on the sound design.
    Music: Open by Peter Gabriel, Music from the album Passion.

    Shoots with Canon 5D MKIII
    Lenses : Canon 24mm 1.4L, Canon 50mm 1.2L, 70-300mm 4-5.6L

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  • Video| Morocco, 3 weeks and a Landrover - by Freelance filmmaker, Vincent Urban

    In Morocco - 2013 from Vincent Urban on Vimeo. By Freelance filmmaker, Vincent Urban,

    Early 2013, we had a little ride with our Landrover once again. A shorter trip this time, we tried to discover most of Moroccos versatile landscapes in just 3 weeks, from the Coast to the forest regions of the Middle Atlas, from the hectic Medinas of Fés and Marrakech to the high mountain ranges of the High Atlas, and finally to the dunes of the Sahara Desert. Big thanks go out to Sigma Technologies (, a local production company that invited us and provided great assistance and all our equipment. Enjoy! (4k version available soon, maybe)

    Directed & edited by: Vincent Urban
    DoP: Clemens Krüger
    Awesome guy: Stefan Templer
    Produced by: Sigma Technologies, Casablanca - -

    "Mechanism" by Poppy Ackroyd -
    Re-arranged by Martin Brugger -

    Watch the other travel clips here:
    In Oman:

    Follow Vincent Urban at:

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  • Travels | The city of Rabat in Morocco

    Looking for a new weekend or Eid travel destination? Rabat, Morocco. We always read about Marrakech, Essaouira or Fez but rarely we read any stories about Rabat. Voted by CNN as top 20 destination in 2013, Rabat is definitely a fantastic city to visit in Morocco. 

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  • Behomm, Home Exchange Only for Creatives and Design Lovers

    Everyone has heard about home exchanges. But have you heard about creative people swapping their homes?

    This is the concept of the Barcelona-based company Behomm  (pronounced “be HOME”) that I discovered over 4 years ago through my sister, founder of Her family with 2 kids shaped their apartment in Barcelona for a stunning house in Copenhagen. These houses have nothing to do with luxury. The homes range from small flats to spacious houses in the country.

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  • How to choose the perfect size rug for your home

    How to choose the perfect size rug for your home

    Looking at our collection of beni ourain & berber carpets but you are not sure about what size you should be going for? We made it simple for you. You can use our "top view" plans as a reference and read our best tips below.
    The biggest mistake we see is the rug being too small for the space. If you have a big room, select a big rug. 

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